Our waste management specialists have extensive experience in the development and approval of waste lot disposition at EnergySolutions, formerly Envirocore of Utah and the Nevada Test Site, and the Oak Ridge Environmental Management Waste Management Facility (EMWMF). With projects ranging from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) environmental cleanup to special case operations, Alliant has the experience and resources to exceed your environmental waste needs. Our services include:

  • Strategic planning and characterization scoping
  • Waste minimization programs and opportunity assessments
  • Treatment/disposal option analysis and planning
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) development
  • Field sampling and oversight
  • Development of waste profiles for the EMWMF and EnergySolutions
  • Waste certification experience for NTS waste
  • A familiarity with the EMWMF Waste Acceptance Criteria Attainment Team (WAC AT)
  • Compliance management, oversight, and assessment




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